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Picture of Mike TylerFrom The Keyboard of Mike Tyler

Me celebrating my first ever ten-thousand dollars made online by selling domains and websites

Dear Fellow Money-Lover,

First things first – Hello. I’m Mike Tyler and I’m a college student. Besides begin a student, I’m also a domain flipper. This is not something I tell everyone; when people ask me how I finally quit my soul-sucking job, while at the same time could still afford to eat at restaurants and lunch at cafes on a daily-basis, I just respond “I’m making a few dimes online”.

What the heck, I am like every normal college student – partying, going to cafes with girlfriends and buddies and trying to finish school. But I have one little secret that makes me different from my buddies who still work their asses off at Wal-Mart and McDonalds –
Money used to control my life, now I control the money.

Give me five minutes of your time and I will give you life changing secrets of how you can make a blazing profit of $11,954 working semi-autopilot from anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to finally quit your own soul-sucking job and start working online in your home?  Let’s get right to the point!

Here are some of the deals i have done recently...

PayPal Proof - $11,954 in 30 days

But it hasn't always been like this. I spent a full year struggling to make any money online before I discovered how pro flippers do their stuff.

Let me first share two hidden facts that the underground domain community doesn’t want you to know about.

Here’s the first hidden fact... Domains and websites are one of the biggest online ATM-machines, creating over $50 billion annually, and letting flippers enjoying hundreds of thousands dollars in their mailbox every month.

And here’s the second hidden fact... You are on your way RIGHT NOW to discovering how the exact cash-machine formula that made me $11,954 dollars in 30 days (and it wasn’t even used to its full potential!) will create your own autopilot, online cash-machine pulling massive checks monthly, working anywhere you have access to the Internet!

See yourself doing this…

Create unlimted income streams by selling premium domains and websites, so easily, right from your comfy couch!

Instantly know which domains are super-profitable and how to knock the perfect sale!

Save time and effort by picking the winning domains TOTALLY ON AUTOPILOT with the underground application Domain Sniper Extreme (i will tell you about it later)

Build amazing websites that super-sell without any previous knowledge required!

Avoid losing money on things that just don’t work!

Build a business that will be profitable for life!

All these things can be a reality for you, so keep reading. You're on the verge of making a big decision in your life.

Life Before Discovering How Big Guys Make Big Cash Online

I will be straight-up and honest. There was one reason why I began my flipping journey.

Yes, I was poor. I was working shit jobs I didn’t enjoy and feeling like a prisoner of my own time.

I didn’t enjoy partying and socializing with my friends as much as I should have because I knew that I had to work an entire day to earn enough money for one evening at the club.

Not only that, but I didn’t felt like I was doing anything useful with my life, I was just taking orders all the time. I knew that the only escape was to set-up my own self-made business, be my own boss and stop taking shit from others.
Because I was in school, I had to find something low maintenance and most importantly, fast and easy.

There Was This Solution…

I don’t want to waste your time bragging about my success, because this is about YOUR success so i will keep it short.

I have, as many others, spent a whole life-time browsing the Internet. For as long as I can remember I have been watching guys pull massive monthly checks in by working at home doing something on the Internet.
I wanted a piece of this action, but I did not know how to take my share.

You wouldn’t believe all the money I spent on those get-rich-quick-online products! Affiliate marketing, surveys, article marketing, CPA, PPC, COS and even mobile marketing! Yeah, yeah, I had tried every possible way to make money on the Internet… and yet.. I was living in my mom's basement.

Then suddenly, one day back in 2010 in a math class, I sat with a friend of mine. He was browsing internet marketing forums on his laptop. I just had to ask. He explained to me that he was just starting out with so called domain flipping, and was already blasting away $100-a-math class selling simple, straight-forward websites two days a week.
I couldn’t understand… Couldn’t really believe him...

Here I was, making $7.39 an hour and there this lazy-ass buddy of mine is already knocking out weekly $200 pay checks, with work he completed during math classes.

Having known this dude for a year, I knew he wasn’t any kind of business genius - he was just a lazy, simple brainers, but he had one secret. He almost had it figured out.

This was crazy! What’s even crazier is that maybe $100 a math class sounds like a lot for a total beginner, but it really wasn’t.There was soon to discover that there was so much more to be made!

This experience led me to exchange a handful of emails with some of the most respected and well known members of the domain community, some of whom had been flipping domains for decades.

There was one guy in particular that I hit it off with; he had one unique way of flipping. With an empire of autopilot robots repeating the same command over and over, he was blasting away a pity (he called it) $400-1500 each domain sale.

But regardless of how much I begged he WOULD NOT share his in-depth secrets because he said it was just too powerful for an average-guy like me to know. However, he offered me a price of $10,000 for his system... As I see now, the secret is surly worth that money, but who in heavens kingdom would pull out that cash?
I thought it was a joke...

I was totally ready to kidnap this dude and lock him down in my basement as my own personal domain flipping mentor.

Domain Flipping Extreme eCover

This is a seven-month formula, never seen before, made up by thousands of hours of searching, experimenting with both ups and downs. Domain Flipping Extreme takes Domain Flipping to a new level – the extreme level - while letting your grandmother easily and completely do it.

The master-formula system that is only known to the most respected community members created me over $30,000 last school quarter, and you are on your way to discovering this valuable secret.

Look at what Vito has to say about Domain Flipping Extreme!

Vito Video Testemontial For Domain Flipping Extreme

Vito was so happy about Domain Flipping Extreme that he made a video testimonial.
"When Mike says it is Domain Flipping Extreme, It Really Is EXTREME. It absolutely rocks!�
These are the words coming from a guy that banked zero to hero within his first flips!

So Mike… How Is This Actually Helping Me?

I'm not promising a zero-click approach to generating $1000 dollars per day. People tricked by such ideas are stupid. However, what I will guarantee is a never-seen-before domain flipping system only known to the most highly respected and experienced flippers that have generated incredible cash-robot-machines from their homes.

Let me show you how this works...

You will discover how to find and analyze old-ranked killer domain names that are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars right from the box with the underground application Domain Sniper Extreme.

You will learn how you can easy turn these babies into hardcore and functional websites doubling and tripling your selling rates with an easy plugin-and-play system.

You will learn to figure Age, Pagerank, Backlinks and REGE (those complex mathematical things for determining domain value) totally on AUTOPILOT, analyzed by the underground software Domain Sniper Extreme. This will save you huge amounts of time that can be used for creating even more cash!

You will know how to build, or find and install, pre-scripted free scripts that will double or triple your conversion rates!

You will discover how to unlock the hidden wisdom of psychical sales triggers that will turn your competitions sales into yours!

You will learn the number one place to successfully sell your flipped domains and websites and how you can exploit it for even deadlier profits!

You are still here! Good. Because I only are interested in people that really are willing to implement my method to fulfill their life with riches, I've saved the best for the end.
What about a tool that makes the domain flipping three-click automated and which instantly tells you what domains are good to flip and which is not?

Domain Sniper Extreme - THAT "underground software" that generated me $11,954 in 30 days - NOW IN YOUR HANDS.

You want to know how to find domains to flip three-click automated?
Let me show my Secret Weapon... Domain Sniper Extreme.

Domain Sniper Extreme Picture

With this tool, mainly developed by me and one of the most-respected domain underground programmers out there, you can dominate the whole domain market completely hands-free generating you autopilot cash right from your comfy sofa!

You load  the domains you extracted following my 5-minute-master-formula for finding profitable domains provided to you in the second chapter in the eBook and watch the underground application pick out the winners from the losers totally on autopilot!

It's like having your own 10 domain experts sitting beside you telling what domains are profitable and how-to knock out the perfect sales!

Domains that used to take days to find by pro flippers, is now delivered live-onscreen within minutes by exploiting those complex mathematical things for determining domain value.
I'm officially proud to say that by following my master-formula that took seven months (i’m almost crying for saying that... SEVEN MONTHS!) to develop and combined with Domain Sniper Extreme, I made $11,954 in 30 days.

This is the tool every pro flipper dream about and now it's available for YOU, to copy and repeat, creating your own army of autopilot robots harvesting the profitable names while you can relax, play Xbox and drink some lemonade juice.

Plugin-and-Forget (you will be surprised how easy it is)

The Domain Sniper will find the valuable age, pagerank, backlinks, other extensions registered under the same domain name and Alexa rank (all those complex mathematical things for determining domain value) totally autopilot on all domains... which you will later exploit for extreme earnings by following my step-by-step plan.

This is a software that is priced $5,145 to develop and is now included with Domain Flipping Extreme as an gift from me to you!

It's like having 10 domain experts sitting beside you telling what domains are profitable and how-to knock the perfect sales!

Bottom line...

A gateway to a never-before-seen system for juicing the biggest
$50 billion juice-presser you ever saw by flipping and selling premium domains and websites so easy, it will leave you harvesting stacks of cash within days and building a business for life.

eMail Flippa Bids Proof

Look at all that bids! 1532 BIDS! It's so many that my email needs to break it up to 16 pages! And the best of all?
This could be your email account starting tomorrow!

Domain Flipping Extreme is so easy to implement for anybody and straight-forward it's CRAZY!

You’re just hyping around Mike!

If you ask ten random people on street to share their thoughts about how a college student made eleven grand in thirty days Online their quick response would be something like "naah.." or even worse "fake!".

And I would completely understand them. Because working as a Wal-Mart ass-sitter or something similar will never access you success as a domain flipper.

Again, I completely understand people’s doubt. In fact, for one of the world’s largest cash-markets there are just a pitiful amount of people who know how to exploit the Web for a living… And that’s also the reason why you always hear about investors growing big, but never internet marketers, because there are so few of them... and one consequence of this is that there are  so few that know how to it RIGHT!

It’s a kind of hidden-away community. If you are serious about making money online, read on.

“...My sales numbers exploded and
cash is rolling in as never before...”

I can't rate this product highly enough. I've read the guide this morning and the setup of Domain Sniper Extreme was a morning honey cake. As it was busy finding the profitable domains, I thought what a nice idea to make myself a coffee. When I went back to my computer, I was stoned� with my hot coffee burning my hand. I had never seen anything similar, and I have been flipping domains for two years. Just two weeks after implementing Domain Flipping Extreme to my business model my sales numbers exploded and cash is rolling in as never before!
Domain Flipping Extreme is sick... CRAZY SICK!

Julian E. Wiley,
Expert Domain Flipper, created $15,000 on Sedo.
“...Totally, totally brilliant...”

This is an astounding product! Never expected domain flipping to be that straight-forward and with Domain Sniper software that followed it really did the job 10x easier and more profitable. This is totally, totally brilliant - download it now!

Simon Deloach,
Made an online business with the help of Domain Flipping Extreme.
OK, Mike... So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

This is going to cost you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Joke!

That’s what my seven months was like, so that part is all covered for you. I think sometimes that I may be one of the few people on this planet crazy enough to spend seven months of my life hunting the long-time-hidden secrets of the domain community. I was so hungry for money.

Was it worth it? YOU BET! And now you are here... all reading and stuff... and you might realize that this might be the most important decision you will make this year. Let’s face it, let’s be real…

Making money is one of the most important skills you can learn and master, right?

Because making money is a skill. A skill you can learn.

With Domain Flipping Extreme, you have all the information and tools handed over to make some serious cash on the Internet by juicing one of the biggest ATM-machines – domains and websites. Look it this way; it’s like taking the brains of the world’s best flippers, combining them and then transplanting that into your head!

Of course I’m not denying that you could possibly get similar results by spending seven months sweating, reading, studying and analyzing like I had to do, but honestly, that’s just a pain. But if you are here to learn it RIGHT NOW then I’m happy to offer Domain Flipping Extreme to you today for a one-time payment of just $129 $47 - less than dinner for two in a nice restaurant! Think about this for a miniute..

Now or Later? If you act now, right now, you can begin pulling money online this second and you will be ready to crack out your first sale by tomorrow morning. However, if you are those later-type-of-guys, yes we all know one, how much money are you ready to lose by putting this offer aside and continue to watch TV, surf the web aimlessly or play games?

“You not only paid $47 "back", but i also
made $151 MORE! ”

Mike... You're amazing! The 90 page eBook is fantastic, but what's takes the deal even further, is your Domain Sniper Extreme application... that makes the flipping one-click automatic! In 4 days, you not only paid $47 "back", but i also made $151 MORE!
This summer is already off the hook and now i'm working on my second flip, It's going to be huge! Thanks Mike!

Harib Johica,
Flipped a website for $198 in 4 days.
Is This Really For Me?

Alright, this is the part where I'm going to be straight-forward with you (and soon you'll thank me for this). If you plan to just purchase Domain Flipping Extreme and do nothing with it then your money isn't good with me.

"Mike, you crazy? Are you chasing your potential customers away?"

Well here's my take - I am prepared to deliver what I have promised on this web page. And then some. But the truth is that if you're not willing to invest in yourself and creating your own success, nothing and nobody else will invest in you too. Sorry for being brutally honest but it pains me a lot ot see innocent people get scammed by so-called Internet 'prophets' who do nothing but give false promises and they fail to deliver. I used to get suckered into these kind of dodgy deals, a few times too many in fact.

Back to the original question..

"Is This Really For YOU?"

To show you how confident I am in what Domain Flipping Extreme can contribute to your Internet Business success (and how serious I am about it too), I am going to assume the entire risk of your investment with a 60 day test-drive with full money back. Log in and download Domain Flipping Extreme and you will discover why Domain Flipping Extreme holds the key to unlock your Internet Business profits potential. If i don’t meet your strict expectations for any reason at all, contact me via the contact panel in the footer, and I will process your refund in full. I cannot keep the money of an unhappy customer.

60 Days Risk Free

And it just got even better!

It gets even better… because if you act now you’ll also get free instant access to three bonuses that are perfectly designed to complement Domain Flipping Extreme and will help you blast your conversions rates for your flipped domains through the roof!

Bonus #1 - Install Your Own Scripts
Install Your Own Scripts eCover

Domain Flipping Extreme will reveal to you the most profitable and automated scripts, but for many the installing could easily become a problem and big time eater. No worries my friend!  Michael will teach you everything, as he did to me, about installing and maintaining scripts.

Never will you need to pay others to install your scripts!

Bonus #2 - Experts Guide To Article Marketing Strategies
Experts Guide To Article Marketing Strategies

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your new-born, flipped websites. Statics have shown that a promoted website has a 120% better conversion rate! Meaning, you make better sales and more money! But shockingly, many people are doing it wrong.
Learn from the experts!

Bonus #3 - SEO 2012
SEO 2012 eCover

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most talked about subjects among webmasters. Unfortunately for someone just starting flipping, it can feel like two broken legs. Happily, Seo 2012 will teach you how to exploit Google, Yahoo and Bing (the three biggest search engines) to work for you and not against you!

Again, doubling you’re selling rates!

You need to move on this right now, secure your place today and all further online earnings!

Yes Mike! Open the gateway of riches and give me instant access to the Domain Flipping Extreme and all the fast-action bonuses right away!

I understand that the time is NOW to get in on what's guaranteed to be the biggest cash machine to hit domain flipping - ever!

And to PROVE to me that this is all real, I understand I’ll receive instant access to get going RIGHT NOW and i will be ready to crack out my first sale by tomorrow morning and a TWO MONTH guarantee in case I change my mind or don’t like this course for ANY reason (but the bonuses are mine to keep no matter what).

One Time Payment - Only $47


See you inside,
Mike Tyler
P.S. Remember that there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. With my no-question 100% Money Back Guarantee, it's the safest road you can EVER take and gain instant access now to the world of domain flipping while the price is low!
P.P.S. If you haven’t pressed the order button, let me give you one more thing to think about: Now or Later? If you act now, right now, you can begin earning money this second and you will be ready to crack out your first sale by tomorrow morning. However, if you are those later-type-of-guys, yes we all know one, how much money are you ready to lose by putting this offer aside and continue to watch TV, surf the web aimlessly or play games?

One Time Payment - Only $47

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